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How powering up early screws up your launch....4 failed attempts today

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:45 pm
by Primal Flight
at 46 flights now, I am still fairly new, but I was on a role on my A rated Ozone Mojo power (have not missed a launch in many flights)....Today was my second flight attempt on my new-to-me Niviuk Link B rated glider. It is smaller, and different, and I may have learned some bad habbits on the mojo power.

I video'd the whole thing on my helmet cam, but I doubt I will edit and post it. I did get some good screenshots of the wing not coming up correctly when I looked to the side, and you can clearly see how the wing was deformed by the prop thrust (Ripman also got a video)....I simply applied full throttle way to early. I think I did this with the Mojo pwr, but it is shaped differently and could probably handle it without veering off to the side like the link did.

I still got my days exercise in, and learned a good lesson. Next flight on the link will be better for sure.

I think I am going to add a takeoff camera to my equipment. If I could have reviewed my 1st takeoff attempt at the field before trying the other 3, I might have gotten in the air today....I happen to have another camera (with built in monitor) and tripod.