Causes of death and injury in paramotoring

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Causes of death and injury in paramotoring

Post by Primal Flight » Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:20 pm

In no particular order right now

-#1 Impact with the ground
The median [free-fall] height leading to death is about 49 feet (15 meters), or about 4 to 5 storeys. 100% of victims die after falling 85 feet (25 meters), or about 8 storeys.
from a discussion here: ... o-be-fatal

of course it's not that simple when you have a wing overhead, but its good to know that if you free-fall from below 49 feet, you will likely survive.

-#2 lack of oxygen

-#3 impact with object other than ground

-#4 prop strike

Now you might think drowning would make the list, but drowning happens on the ground...and technically after the paramotoring is done. But it is certainly related. And just as you would avoid being in water below your head as a land dweller, when you make that transition from sky walker to land dweller, you should also naturally avoid it. but of course that is not possible in a motor out, so wear flotation if you are flying over water.

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